sexual health

Talking about sex might be a bit embarrassing, but it can be a big help in sorting out how you feel, what’s right for you and what you feel ready for. You can get advice and practical help about creating a safe and happy sex life for yourself from your local family planning clinic or sexual health clinic. It’s free, and usually private (though you should check first because different places have different rules).

What the...?

STI (Sexually transmitted infection) Any disease that can be passed on by sexual contact.

FPNSW Penrith
Free reproductive and sexual health care for people age 12 and over, free condoms, STI testing, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, breast check-ups, pap smears, advice and counselling
Penrith: 13 Reserve St
Phone: 4749 0500
Family Planning healthline 1300 658 886
Blue Mountains Sexual Health Clinic
Testing and treatment for STIs.
Blue Mountains District ANZAC Memorial Hospital
Ph 4784 6560
Blue Mountains Women's Health and Resource Centre
A range of health services run by women for women. Services provided include free pap tests, breast checks, contraception, STD and pregancy testing etc, young women's art space and drop in clinic, free library and computer access, information and referral, acupunture, massage, counselling and extensive group program. Open Monday to Fridays 9:30am - 12:30pm and 1:30pm - 4:30pm
Katoomba: 124 Lurline Street
Ph 4782 5133
Adolescent Support Midwife, Clinical Nurse Consultant
If you're under 18 and pregnant, this service provides classes in parenting, referrals to psychologists and ultrasounds, and a choice of where to attend for prenatal care. Penrith: Nepean Hospital, Derby St
Penrith, FPNSW, 13 Reserve Street
Ph 4749 0500
PLWHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS)
Not actually a medical service, but they help make life easier for people living with HIV and other STIs, by giving info and support.
Ph 4782 2119
Open Wed 12.30pm