Domestic violence can come in many different forms. It might involve actual physical violence, psychological/emotional violence (threats, speaking aggressively), putting you down in front of other people, or controlling your money so you’re not free to do what you want. Behaviour like this is never OK.

To keep yourself safe, you might have to make some really difficult decisions. You might have to move out and find somewhere safe to live, and you might have to talk to the Police. If that seems too much, tell a friend, a youth worker, or call one of the services listed here.


Violence Against Women - Australia Says No
Phone: 1800 200 526
Domestic Violence Line
Phone: 1800 656 463
West Connect Domestic Violence Services
This is your local service for women of all ages who need to escape domestic violence. As well as providing emergency accommodation they are skilled in helping you find other types of support and they run their own support groups. They have centres in Katoomba, Penrith & Blacktown. LGBTQI friendly.
Phone: 4732 2318
Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service
Gives women advice and information about legal protection from domestic violence. Can help you get an AVO (apprehended violence order) if you're in danger of being hurt. If your case goes to court they'll also provide support to help you through the process
Phone: Lithgow/Katoomba 6352 2052 or 0405 901 207,  Penrith 4731 5098